Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yes they are real!

While in town the other day we spotted this awesome looking store that was selling cowboy hats, boots and belts, you name it they had it.

They were made out of the skins of some animals I didnt think could have stuff made out of them......

These are a pair of boots made from snake skin!! Yes they are real and yes that is a snakes head!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Check These Out

These bougainvillea were growing at the site of some Nahuatl (Na-wat-al) ruins just outside of Tecoman. They grow everywhere here and are just beautiful. I have never seen so many varieties or shades!

Isnt this a little stunner!! This plant grew in the backyard of one of our old houses.

And No One Said A Word

So we had to go to Guadalajara recently to pick up people from the airport and this funny thing happened on the way.

We caught a bus to the airport and we were hooning it along the highway when suddenly the bus driver hauls it into the petrol station.

Dave and I look at each other with blank expressions on our faces. We then look at everyone else, only to notice that they are just carrying on like nothing weird is happening. Looking out windows, reading etc.

We ask each other, what are we doing, is this a bus stop too?? Well Nooooooooooooooo It really was a petrol station and we needed gas, dahhhhhhhhhhh

The funniest thing was that we sat there for about 15-30 mins while the driver went and got some lunch and had a drink, then chatted to the other people at the station and finally filled the tank. No one on the bus even blinked an eyelid!!!!!!

We just laughed and said it was just as well we left in plenty of time or we would have been soooo late. We couldnt believe that no one commented or even seemed to notice that we sat in a petrol station for 30 mins!!!

We figured, this must just be normal!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sooooooo I been meaning to try this on ya all for ages.

When we first moved to Mexico I went to wash my hands and looked at the taps for which one was hot and which was cold.

At first I was confused because one had "C" on it and the other had "F"........ so I thought, hmmm "c" must be cold right, but whats "f"????? Can you work it out?

So here is the answer, Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh the symbols on the taps represent the spanish words for hot and cold not the english words!!!!!! Sooooooo "c" is NOT cold, its hot!!!! C= caliente and "f" isnt, flippin hot, its the cold.... F= frio.

Its theres weird things that still catch me out!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Experiences from the Special Assembly Day

During one of the interviews a sister was telling us how her family had violently opposed her becoming one of Jehovahs Witnesses and how she had to cope with it all.

Right as she was explaining how at one point her life had been in serious danger, a HUGE bug fell from directly above the brother who was interviewing her, hit his shoulder and bounced onto the floor next to his foot.

All within a split second he raised his foot instinctively to squash it as the sister very gently said "oh dont do th......"squish went the bug!! The whole audience gasped then erupted into laughter, while the poor sister having just explained her near death circumstances shook her head and sighed all the while having this cheeky, "the timing couldnt have been better" grin on her face, she then broke into laughter too.

The brother who after squishing the bug looked sheepishly up at the sister with horror on his face because he had just heard her say dont do th...... then saw her smile and heard her giggle and he too began laughing. It was quite a moment and I would say a first for all Im sure!!


At a recent assembly we were told that here in Mexico, every day there is a circuit assembly, a special day or a convention, there are enough people baptized to create a whole new circuit!!! hows that for freeeeeaky growth!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Experiences from the Special Assembly Day

A brother related his experience of before he became a Witness. He had been in the Vietnam war and was on the "Search and Destroy" team. (We were told by his best friend later that his job was to go around after the ambushes and kill anything that moved, he didnt tell us that off the platform as it would have been a little graphic for us all).

He told us of a situation where he found himself in a shoot or be shot situation with a 12yrs old boy. He shot and killed the boy to save his own life. He explained that he now suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. He talked while tears ran down his face of how every day he sees the face of that young boy and it strikes deeply at his heart that he took his young life away.

His experience was related in the part about how we have the privilege of living in a spiritual paradise even now. He said that before he found the truth he was lost and wanted to kill himself because of the extreme guilt he felt over his past actions in the war. He then went on the explain the impact the truth has had on him and how now although he still grieves every day for that young boy he has the hope of seeing him again in the resurrection and he hopes and prays that Jehovah will give him the chance to meet the boy, to study with him and to teach him the truth!

The dear brother had tears rolling down his face throughout the entire interview and he had to stop a few times to get it together so he could carry on. The brother interviewing him was the same and we, the audience silently felt his pain and cried quietly with him too. What a moving day that was!

The truth cant take away our past actions, but it sure can put them into perspective. It allows us the chance to make amends as it were and to make the most of our now precious time sharing a wonderful hope of eternal blessings for all, with others. What a privilege!!